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Non-clumping cat litter

is made from
diatomaceous earth

a high-quality, natural mineral
with a high absorption capacity

* Effective absorption of odors and moisture
* Non-toxic
* Safe for both cats and kittens
* Lightweight
* Coarse granules do not stick to the paws,
thus reducing the amount of mess in the house
* Strong granules stay hard even after absorbing moisture
and do not produce mud in the cat tray
* Granules do not stick to the hair

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Clumping cat litter

is made from
highly absorbent clays

with good
clumping capacity

* Advanced water absorption
* Economical
* Maximal odor absorption and retention
* Effectively prevents development of malignant bacteria
* Minimization of allergic reactions for cats and owners
* Optimal grain size for kittens and cats with different hair length
* Strong clumps easy to utilize

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Wooden cat litter

is made from
the timber of deciduous

coniferous trees

* Effective absorption of odors and moisture
* Natural wood odor
* Cheapest available cat litter

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Products on diatomite base with the customer’s private label


business solutions

We offer a wide range of innovative products made from diatomite,
including cat litters, soil conditioners, hygiene bedding for livestock,
feed additives and insecticides.

Our products can meet all of your needs, there is no need to look elsewhere.

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Andreas FichtlerDmitriy Kuzin


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