is made up of diatomite extraction, research
and product development companies,
including the largest diatomite production facilities in Russia

Manufacture of diatomite products

Diatomite extraction and sales

Research and certification of Silica products

Extraction of diatomite
Manufacture of products on diatomite base

Extraction and supply of diatomite

Development of new technologies

Company history

is the result of a spontaneous merger of companies, each the leader in its own field.
Following the merger, the companies collectively established the largest industrial cluster
developing and promoting high-tech diatomite-based products in Russia.

1928 – The company was founded on the site of the largest diatomite deposit in Russia
1930-1990 – Company became the largest producer and exporter of thermal insulation products
made from diatomite in the USSR and satellite countries
1998 – Company’s management transformed to adopt market-oriented system
2000-2009 –Modernization of production technology. Shift to become an export-oriented company
2005 – Company’s quality management system certified in accordance with ISO standard by TŰV
2005-2010 – Expansion of R&D with a focus on internal innovation.
Technology research and development for a wider range of diatomite products
2008 – 2010 – Building of a new diatomite-based absorbent and filler plant. Rebranding
2012 – Launch of a new diatomite-based absorbent and filler plant
2014 - Establishment of Diamix Europe Gmbh and opening of warehouse in Germany


We supply our products
in more than 20 countries worldwide
by road, rail and sea


Quality management certificate

Company DIAMIX pays great attention to the quality control of manufacturing products.

The company is internationally recognized as a reliable partner among its customers worldwide.
DIAMIX observes all agreements made regarding delivery times, quantities, specifications
and initiates improvements favourable to the customers and to DIAMIX.

Since 2005 the quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO standard.
Since 2009 – ISO 9001:2008 standard. Since 2017 – ISO 9001:2015

The products quality as well as the production system is also controlled by the largest consumers of the company.
DIAMIX aims to maintain a value-adding quality management system, as well as constantly improve
the service quality in accordance with the customers’ demands.