The subdivision of “Rosneft” PJSC in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) announced in March 2019 a tender for the supply of a sorbent for the removal of petroleum products in the Far North. Company “Diamix” has got the winner once again.

Sorbent “SiTerrra Bio” is considered one of the most effective sorbents based on minerals. Produced by Diamix LLC, such sorbents let the users collect the whole range of petroleum products: gasoline, diesel fuel, technical oils, fuel oil and other fluids.

Environmental friendly sorbent “SiTerra” removes all pollutants formed in the process of destruction of oil, transferring hazardous waste into an additional source of food for plants. Sorbents “SiTerra Bio”, containing a consortium of bacteria, designed specifically for regions with a cold climate, are being prepared for shipment to the capital of the republic.