In the November 2018 the Far East Division of PJSC “Rosneft” in Komsomolsk-on-Amur declared the Diamix Company as the preferred tenderer for the sorbent for utilization of oil products from the surface and water.

Regarding the ratio the price/quality the sorbent of “Sittera Bio” is considered as one of the most effective sorbents on the mineral basis. These sorbents, developed by LLC “Diamix”, have unique features and are able to work with different oil products: gasoline, solar oil, technical oils, fuel oil. This kind of sorbent can achieve excellent results in short terms.

This environmentally sound product eliminates all pollutants out of oil destruction, it transforms such hazardous waste to the compost for plants completely.

The shipment of 40 tons “Siterra Bio”, made for regions with cold climate were already sent to “Rosneft” from the Diamix plantin the Ulyanovsk region.

Press Service of “Diamix” LLC