Representatives of delegations from Asia, China and Thailand in particular, have already visited Diamix production line for several times.
This time Diamix LLC hosted the official delegation from Vietnam. The meeting took place at the plant in Inza at the end of June, 2018.
Representatives of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Construction and VIBM took part in the meeting from Vietnamese side.
The representative of Inza administration Ekaterina Smolkina and the representative of Ulyanovsk region business development corporation Ksenia Nikitina were also among the participants.
The members of Vietnamese delegation got acquainted with all the assets of Diamix company and visited the quarry, the production line and Science and Development Center.
During the visit the participants of the meeting had a closer look at a wide range of Diamix products and appreciated their high quality.
In connection with tense ecological situation in Vietnam the representatives of the official delegation were particularly interested in water treatment products. The particular attention was also paid to the products applied in agriculture and ferrous metallurgy, as there is high demand for them in Asian countries.
Both sides confirmed the willingness to deepen the mutual cooperation in the sphere of Diamix products sales development in Asian countries, in Vietnam in particular.
Diamix LLC and the VIBM representatives reached an agreement according to which specific formulae and industrial technologies for wastewater treatment projects will be developed.
In compliance with the agreement Diamix feed additives for cattle and poultry, hygienic beddings and absorbents will be also promoted in the Asian market.